Hedgepie Doc

Tell investors about your Fund via the “Fund Branding” page

Fans browse and make quick decisions based on what captures their attention in a glance.
Branding is tied to how a Fund performs:
  • Name your Fund.
Tip: Keep them short, easy to read and especially true to the objective of the fund,
  • Describe your Fund within 4000 characters{with spaces}.
Tip: This is essential for Fan decision making. Express the Fund goal, kind of Fund composition, and why it matches a specific objective which Fans can connect with - in words easily understood.
  • Add your profile picture with a jpg/png file and and max 8 MB.
Tip: Pick a profile picture that shows personality or character of you as a Fund Creator that will get audiences’ attention among other options. Keep it legible and recognizable.
  • Preview your Fund posting.
Tip: Double check spelling, typos, and grammar which convey carelessness or unprofessionalism. Make sure to address what investors would ask clearly and succinctly.